How do I apply?

Every two months, Flanders Arts Institute will be launching an open call for proposals around a particular issue. Starting from 21 June 2021, we will be looking for candidates for the fourth call around diversity in the arts.

Do you want to participate? Send us your candidacy and idea before 10 September at midnight (CET). Fill in the form on this website (in Dutch or English).

(You can also send an email to (in Dutch or English), where you answer the questions (see below) via email (text) or via video or audio of up to seven minutes in length.) 

We will make all applications public on this website*, so that people with shared interests can find each other.

*(If you prefer not to have your idea and your name (with initials of your last name) appear on our website, please send a separate email with your idea (and an answer to the four questions) to

From 21 June, we are welcoming proposals in reply to our fourth call, diversity in the arts.



Questions you need to answer when you apply for the fourth open call:

  • Briefly introduce yourself. Explain why you are eligible for support from A Fair New Idea?! – diversity. (Note: groups and collectives are also eligible, so “you” can be understood as singular as well as plural)
  • What is diversity for you and which aspect(s) of it are you most concerned with?
  • What is the idea, proposal or initiative you wish to propose?
  • Upload an image appropriate to your idea, proposal or initiative (we will use this as a profile picture on the web platform where ideas are shared)

! Please note: once you start the submission procedure, you must complete it in one go. It is not technically possible to save your pitch halfway through and continue working on it later.  


What does Flanders Arts Institute offer? 

Flanders Arts Institute is offering an amount of 12,000 euros

The jury will review all submissions and seek out groups of complementary or similar submissions. Selected candidates may be contacted as a group (composed by the jury) and invited, but not obliged to work on a joint submission. 

Specifically for the third call, Flanders Arts Institute these working groups will be funded at a rate of 400 euros per proposal.

The joint or individually developed proposals must be submitted by 10 September 2021. The jury will then decide how the available budget of 12,000 euros will be allocated.



Call for proposals 1 - Working with care in the arts field

  • First round, deadline: 15 December 2020
  • Second round, deadline for the seven selected ideas 15 February 2021 6:00 pm.
  • The ideas can be elaborated in a process that will start no later than June 2021. 

Call for proposals 2 - Working sustainably internationally

  • Launch: 15 February 2021
  • Deadline: 19 March 2021, 6 pm CET
  • Kick-off meeting seven selected participants: 29 April 2021

Call for proposals 3 - Working digitally in the arts field

  • Launch: 19 April 2021
  • Deadline step 1: 14 May 2021
  • Deadline step 2: 25 June 2021

Call for proposals 4 - Diversity

  • Launch: 21 June 2021
  • Deadline step 1: 10 September 2021
  • Deadline step 2: 22 October 2021