Call for proposals 1: Working with care in the arts field

Flanders Arts Institute went looking for ideas for open, inclusive, caring and solidary ways of working in the arts field.

With this first call we looked for ways to create more time and space for making, experimenting and meeting audiences. Or for answers to the question: how can we work transparently, fairly, in solidarity and with care for one another in the arts? The call is now closed.

In total, we received 30 ideas that are very different from each other and focus on different aspects of caring. We would like to thank everyone who submitted an idea!

In a first selection round, the jury chose 7 ideas that could be further developed. Of those 7 ideas, 'Common Income' will eventually be supported with 12,000 euros.


The jury

The jury for this call for proposals consists of:

  • Helga Baert (wpZimmer)
  • Dries Douibi (KunstenfestivaldesArts)
  • Philippine Hoegen (SOTA, SOS Relief)
  • Tine Holvoet (Verso)
  • Maryam Kamal Hedayat (Argos)
  • Kobe Van Cauwenberghe (ZWERM/COHORT)


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