Call for proposals 4

Liminal School

Briefly introduce yourself.

Jordi Ferreiro (Barcelona 1982) is an artist and educator. His work explores the concept of institutional mediation and how art can be a tool for intervening in – and changing – the bureaucratic spaces responsible for administering knowledge, constructing what we understand by culture and regulating our way of comprehending the world.

What is diversity for you and which aspect(s) of it are you most concerned with?

As an artist and as a mediator, I have worked with all kinds of institutions and collectives in projects concerning multiculturalism and diversity. Sometimes I have felt that this word (diversity) detracts from the political agenda of these participants and I prefer the term "trespassers", coined by the Latin American philosopher Gloria Anzaldua. In her book"Borderlands / La frontera", Anzaldua describes the concept of trespassers as agents who walk between two different worlds, living in the liminal space between hegemonity and subalternity. Our project seeks to make visible and problematize the different frontiers around our cultural context, creating a safe space where knowledge can be shared with the aim of generating a more inclusive cultural context for everyone.

What is the idea, proposal or initiative you wish to propose?

"Liminal school" aims to explore the cultural and social meaning of difference by developing new forms of cooperation, interaction, and connection between people through an ephemeral construction and educational venue built from the recycled fabric of hot air balloons. Through a series of hybrid public programs that combine talk, food, performance, music and dance with moments of pause and enjoyment in which to learn and unlearn the multiple possibilities of being and being able to be, the Liminal school project, as well as the subsequent work of art that culminates in this process, fosters transversality and intersection processes among the participants, generating knowledge and dialogue of diversities.