Call 2: Working sustainably internationally

SELECTED - The transformative force of international curatorial collectives in times of crisis

What aspect of sustainable international work concerns you?

How we can provoke inventive ways of collaborating and organize projects where different arts practitioners join forces to define a mutual resource


I am member of Tasawar Curatorial Studios, a program based in Tunis. It’s a custom-tailored program for professionals who wish to integrate curatorial activities into their practice. Everyone from different disciplines and backgrounds, but are all active in the field of arts. Our shared knowledge includes 11 languages, anthropology, arts management, conservation, design, teaching and more. We live in different parts of North Africa and Europe – such as Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Sweden, Germany and Greece. We strive to share ideas, exchange skills and create something meaningful together that can contribute to the MENA region’s art scene, but also internationally. Even if there is a physical distance between us, we try to create a common language through contemporary art. Since September 2020, we’ve worked together online, experimenting with methods and formats for collaboration. We wish to continue moving in this direction of collective value and to spread our spirit with respect, love and generosity to each other.

How can your idea or proposal have an impact on international practice within or with Flanders and Brussels and beyond?

Our collective consists of a diverse group of people coming from different countries. We are still quite new as a group, but we always try to open dialogues with professionals all over the world and our activities are accessible for everyone to join. For our development we would like to invite more and more nationalities to get involved. On this note we also wish to integrate more with Flanders and beyond. Currently we also work on creating a nomadic character of our collective, by developing our collaborative efforts further in the future to establish international travelling projects.

Do you have the time to commit to online meetings with an international working group on a regular basis (e.g. monthly) starting in May 2021, for a period of max. 1 Year?



I am available after 5pm cet every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Do you have access to a stable internet connection for online meetings?


What time zone are you in?

CET-Central European Time-UTC +1

Which languages do you speak and understand?

English, Portuguese, Other

Contact details

Alexia Alexandropoulou Email: