Call 2: Working sustainably internationally

SELECTED - Supporting highly ambitious international collaboration with no or low travel in the performing arts

What aspect of sustainable international work concerns you?

I'm concerned with how to create equitable models for low environmental impact collaborations, commissions and touring in theatre and live art.


In March 2021, LIFT launched a pilot project, CONCEPT TOURING COMMISSIONS. This pilot project is dedicated to artists developing concepts for international touring projects with little or no human travel. We've created an online residency where 8 artists receive commissions and mentorship to develop & adapt ideas to explore ways to tour, exhibit & collaborate internationally. The residency takes place from April-June 2021. I want to use involvement in the working group to inform the project as it's in process, to help how I guide artists, to share LIFT's findings and shape the next stages of these commissions (moving from idea to production stage in phase 2) and our next cohort/call out. Investigating the ethical tensions related to this emerging practice of remote work vis a vis authorship, artistic licence, cultural exchange/appropriation, South/North dynamics, right of mobility is vital. I want to explore this and develop my practice as a commissioner & presenter of this work with the group.

How can your idea or proposal have an impact on international practice within or with Flanders and Brussels and beyond?

The aim is to develop projects which can influence practice in the performing arts around the world, including in Flanders and Belgium. LIFT hasclose ties with Flanders and Brussels. We collaborate with Flemish and Brussels organisations like Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Kaai, Campo and Vooruit. Kopano Maroga, (dramaturg at Vooruit) is one of our 4 international mentors on this pilot project. To make this Flemish/BXL collaboration more impactful, LIFT could: -introduce artists and the projects developed on this pilot scheme to Flemish theatres and festivals -ally with Flemish arts presenters to co-commission a second set of concepts or take these concepts to production phase -share methodologies with colleagues and peers via training, online publications and mentorships Low/no travel international collaboration will become a fast-growing trend. Developing a shared expertise and ethos to support artistic ambition and consequent, vital ideas will ensure we're establishing international best practice.

Do you have the time to commit to online meetings with an international working group on a regular basis (e.g. monthly) starting in May 2021, for a period of max. 1 Year?



Throughout the day 8am-7pm BST/GMT

Do you have access to a stable internet connection for online meetings?


What time zone are you in?

BST-British Summer Time-UTC +1

Which languages do you speak and understand?

French, English

Contact details

Kris Nelson,