Call 2: Working sustainably internationally

The challenge of sustaining collaboration and relationships with international colleagues and communities upon completion of an international program.

What aspect of sustainable international work concerns you?

How to sustain long term collaborations with professionals and their communities I meet over the course of a short-term international project.


Through my life and international work,I have collected precious knowledge about the topic of my interest,most notably through failure.I have worked incredibly talented people from all over the world,only to lose our professional contact once the project is over.I have some ideas about how to develop a framework for a continuous collaboration with the help of some institutions that would be willing to test this. The basic idea revolves around the creation of informal "companies" of professionals that can work as collectives in parallel in two different countries,connecting deeper with each other and their communities, while also "forcing" the funding institution in one country to seek,establish and sustain collaboration with a funding institution in the other country.

How can your idea or proposal have an impact on international practice within or with Flanders and Brussels and beyond?

A model of sustainable long-term collaboration among international peers of all levels through bilateral or multi-lateral programs that run in parallel, has the potential to create deepen relationships among individuals and communities while also creating precious knowledge about the contexts in which the programs are realized. Working internationally does not necessarily allow time for knowledge exchange, as this is a social process that requires time and opportunities for creative "friction". Flanders seems to be a culturally suitable place for such ideas to be incubated and a place that could act as a port for international collaborations on all levels;a hub for long-term social processes that nurture the sense of co-existence and togetherness in the cultural field.

Do you have the time to commit to online meetings with an international working group on a regular basis (e.g. monthly) starting in May 2021, for a period of max. 1 Year?



Weekdays/during the day with some flexibility for early evening work.

Do you have access to a stable internet connection for online meetings?


What time zone are you in?

EET-Eastern European Time-UTC +2

Which languages do you speak and understand?

English, Other

Contact details

Margarita Pita ,