Call 2: Working sustainably internationally

The challenge of communicating/translating a performance across international borders without people and/or large objects travelling.

What aspect of sustainable international work concerns you?

Accessibility e.g. the expectation of internet access for a livestream performance. Cultural relevance: how to know your audience if you're not there


I am an artist working in live and video performance. I would like to explore working collaboratively online with a group of artists. So far I have mainly done this through Zoom and shared Google docs. I’d like to explore other ways of collaborating online - shared image boards, a shared video library, collective reading lists - in order to establish a more holistic and rigorous online collaborative practice. I would like to test ways of working collaboratively online as a way to generate and develop new work and ideas, particularly by drawing on the surroundings of each person’s home/office/studio environment - applying Anne Bogart and Tina Landau’s Viewpoints as a creative methodology to the group’s diverse physical environments to discover new ways of being together remotely.

How can your idea or proposal have an impact on international practice within or with Flanders and Brussels and beyond?

Being from the UK but currently based in the USA, I am very aware of how international borders can inhibit the central artistic processes of sharing work across cultures, engaging with local communities, and collaborating on new ideas. I think my idea of developing a rigorous methodology for developing collaborative work online would allow international practice in Flanders, Brussels, and beyond to become more democratic and less bureaucratic: people from countries inside and outside the EU could work together without the need for expensive and complicated visas, flights, accommodation. Crucially, it could allow international practice to decolonize, so that we can look beyond the near horizons of our own borders.

Do you have the time to commit to online meetings with an international working group on a regular basis (e.g. monthly) starting in May 2021, for a period of max. 1 Year?



I am based in San Francisco, USA, in the PST timezone. I am flexible/free anytime during normal waking hours.

Do you have access to a stable internet connection for online meetings?


What time zone are you in?


Which languages do you speak and understand?


Contact details

Emma Attwood