Call for proposals 3: Working digitally in the arts field

FINALIST: The Corpus Creative: digital accessibility as creative practice

Which challenges for working digitally in the arts carry your interest?

Crawlers is interested in promoting and expanding forms of accessibility in the digital arts: in online works, and in the technologies used by creative industries more broadly. COVID has led to an accelerated blossoming of digital platforms, but accessibility measures – and their creative potential – are rarely prioritised or realised, due to both lack of awareness and resource allocation.

Why do you want to participate in this call?

Crawlers is a feral, queer and disabled working group between creatives Lyndsey Walsh and Jess Cockerill. We aim to develop active, creative uses of accessibility technologies, to better engage with individuals from disabled and neurodiverse communities. We believe these technologies can drive and augment creative practice, but are often reduced to hasty translations, approached as afterthoughts. After participating in our first online digital festival, we noticed many of these tools are not easy to access and/or are inadequate for application in the digital arts. This open call will allow us to build a skillset and informational guide about accessibility that can be distributed to both creative professionals and those working in the digital arts. We see this as an opportunity to rewire the undergrowth of the internet to address digital inequality in art, as art. These tools may focus on increasing reach, creating accessibility standards for institutions and addressing the socio-political implications of digital arts accessibility.

How could your work on these challenges have an impact towards fairness and sustainability in the arts of Flanders and Brussels?

Our work will focus on the artistic community of Flanders and Brussels. We will reach out to the local arts community and forge collaborations with local experts whose work relates to disability, accessibility, digital media and queer studies. Informed by these collaborative relationships, we will employ our own creative practices, our knowledge and skills in digital arts and our lived experience of disability and neurodiversity to create educational materials, workshops, and free digital tools for the creative community of Brussels. Our research and work seeks to open a dialogue with these audiences by approaching accessibility as a complex, evolving and ongoing effort. We hope this will inspire other creatives to use accessibility tools proactively and provide institutions with the knowledge and resources to meet the access needs of a wider audience, improve digital literacy, forge new socially conscious codes of conduct and begin a wider discussion about accessibility and inequality in the digital space.

Contact details

Crawlers' email:, phone (Lyndsey): +49 178 6730564, insta: @thecrawlershavearrived, twitter: @crawl3rs