Call for proposals 3: Working digitally in the arts field

Is this NFT art?

Which challenges for working digitally in the arts carry your interest?

Digital image making, capturing, image-based surveillance, panoptics, techniques of observation, image manipulation (purposeful and through faulty algorithms, etc.) produce a wide visual field that inserts itself before our eyeballs to such a significant degree that such imagery determines an aesthetic that is new. In fact, it’s so new that we should call it ‘new’ and catalog its characteristics.

Why do you want to participate in this call?

Does an NFT of a photograph need to be other than the photograph? There’s something slightly icky to me when the aesthetic characteristics determines what gets made. The established forms — aesthetics, ways of knowing, ways of seeing, ways of being — deserve to be bent around a bit at their edges routinely, with care, and with thoughtful interventions. Not to break them wholesale, but to ask and then “see” (sometimes literally) “what else” can be seen, how else we can do our sense-making, where else it can go in some other kind of world or future. I am here to expand this notion of new aesthetic working on degrees of relation between artists and digital nomads. By collecting, promoting and sharing creative ideas and innovative projects to reduce the digital cultural divide and guarantee an increasingly more active participation with an approach centred on meeting and inclusion.

How could your work on these challenges have an impact towards fairness and sustainability in the arts of Flanders and Brussels?

The main issue I see in the forming of new NFT aesthetic is exclusion of some artists from a new market that is developed as the result of this technological innovation. Due to this exclusion, a lot of artists are changing their practices to be aligned with market demands and in many cases it means amateur and tokenistic modifications of artworks. I believe, there is a need for more inclusive market platforms that are not biased on the aesthetic of NFT and are emplaced in the stablished art communities. That is how we can reverse the influence from market to artists to artists and art practices being drivers of market.

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