Call for proposals 3: Working digitally in the arts field

PODCAST ABOUT VISUAL ARTS. Sound as an imagination simulation and a tool of experiencing art online.

Which challenges for working digitally in the arts carry your interest?

A researcher based in London and a photographer based in Brussels propose a new way of producing and presenting visual art online. We offer the creation of a podcast, in which artists talk about their works. Is it possible to present an image with only words and music? How to use digital tools to improve the experience of art online positively interacting with our physical and mental states.

Why do you want to participate in this call?

Based on our research related to visual arts online and the experiences of last year, which pointed to the difficulty of digitizing visual artworks into the online world, we wish to reach digitised audiences with a new approach to disseminating and experiencing visual art online - with no image. We propose to create a unique podcasts/audio drama series with collaboration of visual artists from Flanders and Brussels and a sound artist we worked with previously on similar projects. Invited artists will talk about their artwork, and a music will be composed based on the recording of the monologue. Combined the two will make a coherent and attractive audio story. Podcasts will be available on smartphones allowing users to listen at any time and place. Instead of scrolling the images on the screen, they will ‘appear’ in their imagination. We are excited about the formula of the open call - the possibility of collaboration and sharing knowledge and experience which always leads to more interesting results than a solo work.

How could your work on these challenges have an impact towards fairness and sustainability in the arts of Flanders and Brussels?

The project proposes a podcast to promote the visual artists from Flanders and Brussels, at the same time allowing their artworks a new way of existing in the virtual space. It also gives the artists a new perspective of looking at their own practice - through words and music. Podcasts introduce a new way of presenting and promoting visual arts (photographs, drawings, paintings etc.). Use of sound as a medium to present images is a critical response to the infinite stream of images and other visual content surrounding us, mostly online. Our preference is for the artists for the project in a way of open call and for the project itself to be simple and available to everyone in a few different languages. We believe it would reach a wide audience, not just the regular artworld audiences. The goal is to create an attractive database of emerging visual artists in Flanders and Brussels, by artists themselves. We welcome a collaboration with a person who would help us make the project more accessible for people with visual disabilities.

Contact details

Magdalena Zoledz & Justyna Wierzchowiecka ( // learn more: