Call for proposals 3: Working digitally in the arts field

Theatre in red. Investigation of the scenic fact in virtuality.

Which challenges for working digitally in the arts carry your interest?

As scenic creators always celebrate making contact, in a shared territory. The distance required between the bodies with the current pandemic put us in a kind of check, and there, in that grid, half immobile, From that place we stopped to think and ask ourselves: How to continue creating and meeting with the audience? Can we use digital media to create a different form of scenic spatiality?

Why do you want to participate in this call?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Venezuelan scenic creators we got together to work remotely. Throughout this year and 3 projects we have found our own dynamics for creation, focusing on the investigation of the rhythm, the connection of the bodies in the space and real time of the internet, the scenic body in shots and, obviously, in the different digital formats. We understood that as malleable artists, open to play, to an expanded, critical, poetic gaze, trained in attention, body disposition and teamwork we can make possible the creative exchange, using all its tools to cross the borders of technology and use them to our advantage. After the need to continue systematizing our research, we approached this call with the desire to advance in a new project by updating ourselves in digital media and software that continue to be created in this fast-paced multimedia era. With the reference the concept of total art by Fluxus to avoid categorizations; always keeping in mind that which concerns us: the theater as a “place” of encounter

How could your work on these challenges have an impact towards fairness and sustainability in the arts of Flanders and Brussels?

We are a group of interdisciplinary artists permanently open to exchange. The pandemic context obviously touched us on a global level and we believe that the questions that arise in the different artistic media at different points on the map become similar and bring us closer together. Under this premise, this creation and research laboratory was also born: to attend to these needs of contemporary art and for that reason we knock on the door of this call to remain active in the expansion of networks, to share our processes and works carried out remotely, for public to distance and consolidating relationships also at a distance.

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