A Fair New Idea?!

Are you brooding on an idea that contributes to a strong, fair and sustainable arts field? Let’s hear what you have to say!


Working honestly and with care, internationalising sustainably, using digital media, and embracing diversity. The Arts face immense challenges, especially at this time of a global pandemic. In 2021, Flanders Arts Institute supported the elaboration of ideas around these crucial challenges.

A Fair New Idea?! was a collection of four open calls for project proposals that we are organising within the programme A Fair New World?!

A Fair New World?! is a project of Flanders Arts Institute. It bundles and connects today’s major challenges with research into the impact of the corona crisis. 



Flanders Arts Institute wants to devise and test new ideas together with the sector. Through four open calls for proposals around an equal number of issues, we provided 12,000 euros to artists, art workers, collectives and/or organisations that wish to further develop an idea. 



In 2021, every two months we have launched an open call for proposals around a particular issue. For each issue, a new jury determined the wording and procedure of the call. Each jury made the final selection of ideas and proposals.

Flanders Arts Institute supports the idea in the form of financial management and/or providing a sounding board for the implementation plan or contacts.


Want to know more?

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