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The snake and the bat are girlfriends of the octopus

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​​My name is Ilya. In my artistic practice I deconstruct human’s attitudes to nature and gender by presenting closed ecosystems, as models of power structures, ways of scientific and museological collection/classification. I work in different media, the main ones are sculpture and video. I often work with ceramics, natural materials, but also with plastic as an antagonism of nature. In my practic

Wat is meerstemmigheid voor jou en welk(e) aspect(en) ervan houden je vooral bezig?

I am interested in diversity in the context of gender and queer theory and in the ecological context of species’ diversity among animals. I am interested in the development of tolerance and tolerance for the "other. Diversity is, first of all, the inclusion in the pool of the norms as many different criterias as possible. Since I myself represent queer community and live in Russia, I feel pressure and rejection of groups of people who do not fit into the framework of social norms. I believe that it is important to conduct a dialogue with this social norm and try to diversify it, so that there is not only representation of the ruling class and the class that makes all decisions, but also representation of other views. I regard both the diversity and the tolerance towards different people as a kind of experience or skill that can be acquired and can be developed. If you acquire tolerance to one aspect, then you can continue and transfer this tolerance to other aspects.

Wat is het idee, voorstel of initiatief dat je wenst voor te stellen?

It is interesting for me to consider tolerance as not only a social phenomenon within humankind, but as if tolerance can be extrapolated to the earth and to nature, and which will change the attitude towards everything around us: to animals, plants, earth, and so on. ​​Actually, in the previous question, it seems to me that I am talking about my initiative. Initiative is such a dialogue through video that can show controversial phenomena and groups of people who are excluded due to important social political processes and are often subjected to pressure in different countries and their combination with animals, which are also the subject of human domination, this is like a double bundle. I often work with performers who are non-binary or gay or sex workers. These are various groups of people who, through interaction with living things, interactions with animals or the use of animal plastics in dance show and broadcast this unity not only at the social level, but also at the biological one.