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We are a group of ten artistes, trans/gender queer people, and women, lesbians, bi-sexual, with and without papers, based in Brussels, and united around a practice of rap/slam. We met for the most part in squats and occupations in Brussels and within anti-capitalist, anti-racist and queer spaces of struggle and creation. We are the Gender Panic Collective !

Wat is meerstemmigheid voor jou en welk(e) aspect(en) ervan houden je vooral bezig?

The open mics we organized were initially almost exclusively occupied by heterosexual cisgender men, and the visible landscape of Brussels rap in general, both from the point of view of the artists as of the content, was almost 100% cis hetero and male. Because of this we decided, as young women and queer people to form a collective in order to diversify and destabilise the rap scene, reclaim the stage, and voice our anger and history. Last year, we organised non-mixed residencies to meet and empower each other and reinforce our practices. Several songs were written, some even in 13 voices, others recorded, and the open mic scene became increasingly queer and feminist over the course of the events we organised. This queer polyphony seemed needed, need of representations and models, and we wish to pursue this phenomenon which we call Gender Panic! And since new narratives cannot be constructed without old ones, we’ll improve this work with the Suzan Daniel LGBTQ and the CARHIF archives because futur is nothing without the past .

Wat is het idee, voorstel of initiatief dat je wenst voor te stellen?

We would create professional creative conditions for queer people and precarious women in the Brussels rap scene, and also to work on creating links between young queer and feminist activists and creators and the preservation of the histories of their struggles through archives. For this we’ll work with the Suzan Daniel LGBTQ and CARHIF archives. We would organise writing residencies with members of the collective to prepare for the sessions in the recording studio to produce an album with the support of a sound ingeneer. Alongside this we’ll build an archive of our practice (texts, recordings..etc.), organise writing workshops in various queer spaces or squats and a 2days festival which could provide a real space for sharing as well as an inclusive where a presentation of our research and partnership would be held, along with a concert, discussions, and workshops around the Suzan Daniel fund and CARHIF ( What is an archive, how to deposit an archive or consult it, what is the political interest of LGBT archives in Belgium, etc…