Oproep 1: Zorgzaam werken in de kunsten

Fair Ats Almanac 2022

Korte omschrijving

Over the course of four seasons, SOTA will prepare a second Fair Arts Almanac: a publication that gathers many ideas and perspectives on fair practice and change in today’s arts and society. We don’t want to create it alone. We see it as one long process of sharing, thinking and writing together with many concerned.

Wat ben je van plan?

In 2019 SOTA finished the first almanac. The content of the book was generated during a week long summer camp in 2018 with about 70 contributors. The result was a bundling of tips & tricks, statements & demands, visions & ideas, dates & data, testimonies & voices, addresses & announcements on fairness within the complex relationships between the artistic, political and economic sphere. The compilation of various contributions in this first edition was deliberately associative and open for debate, full of contradictions, loose ends and inconsistencies. Since the publication of this almanac, many things have changed: a new cultural minister, drastic cutbacks, many protests, the corona crisis, recovery of culture, a second wave, etc…It is time to prepare for a second edition of the Fair Arts Almanac. For the next edition the editing process will be taken care of from the situatedness of the various reflection and working groups active in SOTA. The almanac 2022 will be created in the monthly rhythm of one complete year. Throughout 2021, these events will take place every last Saturday of the month always at different locations, about different topics and prepared by different groups – and are open to questions that live among practitioners these days, taking the sensibilities of the various seasons into account. The material gathered in these 12 meetings will be transcribed, transformed and made public on SOTA website in collaboration with OSP. Based on these materials SOTA will then publish a physical almanac in 2022. The first five planned meetings: - 30th of JANUARY: taking & giving rest, at your place or elsewhere (Waerebeke) - 27th of FEBRUARY: social security and the reform of the “artists’ statute” (Brussels) - 27th of MARCH: imagining and practicing a class for an activist art education (Ghent) - 24th of APRIL: ecology and other-than-humans in the arts in viral times (Leuven) - 29th of MAY: new space(s) for artistic practices, living and working (Antwerp)

Hoe sluit je project aan op het thema en hoe kunnen we met jouw idee impact creëren in de sector?

State Of The Arts (SOTA) is an open platform reimagining the art world today. Since 2014 SOTA has discussed fair practice in art practices along five different axes: solidarity, diversity, transparency, ecology and ‘relationality’ (trust). It is clear that these different aspects of fairness are deeply intertwined. Fairness deserves a constant, situated and societal debate. That is why SOTA developed the Fair Arts Almanac as a common tool at the heart of its activities.

Hoe kan iemand die jou of je project wil steunen je contacteren?


Ben je ergens naar op zoek, naast financiering?

For the making of the almanac we could also use support on: translations, editing, transcriptions, distribution, etc... For the organizing of the 12 events we could use help with: logistics, catering, coordination, etc...