Oproep 2: Duurzaam internationaal werken

Creating long lasting rhizomatic networks and decentralized, modular performance systems

Welk aspect van internationaal werken houdt je bezig?

frequent air travel (carbon footprint), funding structures that support one-off projects, excessive money needed to create meaningful engagements


We are currently running a lab with our company Flinn Works (Berlin) called 'white money' collaborating with eight artist/curators from India, Iran, Nigeria, Tansania, Egypt, Netherlands and Germany. We work on the intersection of art and cultural policy. We are planning to create art works around the problem of 'white arts funding' on the international stage in the first phase. We want to tackle the many (hidden) problems of white arts funding with performances and installations (opening at Sophiensaele Berlin in November 2021) and a following publication (2022). We are currently looking for ways to a. enlargen this network (in a rhizomatic way) and keep it going beyond the performances in 2021 and b. create modular performances (some of them in a digital version) that each participant can recreate in their own countries, keeping the discourse alive and making the performances available to a larger audience in different localities at minimal financial costs and a reduced carbon foot print.

Hoe kan dit impact hebben op de internationale praktijk die zich ontplooit binnen of met Vlaanderen en Brussel en daarbuiten?

It can questions the structure of Europaean arts funding on the international stage, curatorship of international festivals and collaborations (with the global South) in the global North. It can add to the discourse by bringing together academic research (we are partnering with two universities) and artistic practice (white money projects).

Heb je tijd om je vanaf mei 2021 voor een periode van 6 maanden tot max. 1 jaar regelmatig (bvb. maandelijks) te engageren voor online meetings?




Heb je toegang tot een stabiele internetverbinding?


In welke tijdzone bevind je je?

CET-Central European Time-UTC +1

Welke talen spreek en begrijp je?

English, German


Sophia Stepf, mail@flinnworks.de