Oproep 3: Digitaal werken in de kunsten

Radical Care&Digital Intimacy: the digital as cocoon for personal healing and political change

Naar welke uitdagingen voor digitaal werken in de kunsten gaat je interesse uit?

I am interested in exploring the digital as an emancipatory space for radical care and in generating a safer, fairer and not oppressive environment. Through a set of digital caring practices and a platform we voice intersectionality, allow forms of intimacy while generating new form of knowledge to subvert the neoliberal individualism and the solitude of hyperproduction towards systemic worldview.

Waarom wil je graag deelnemen aan deze oproep?

The pandemic crisis just accelerated or highlighted structural cracks for long existing under the soil of the neoliberal tradition: individualism and commodification, hyper productiveness and burn out brining a lack of personal and social care hit us strongly, especially art workers. Called to a work of public healing with no possible social interactions in the offline world, we have been reworking and reimagining consistently our programs and activities but in a more fragile and precarious position with the risk of increasing burn out cases. The digital, as a fabric of infinite rhizomas and a connective space, offered us a safe space where to cocoon new relationships, where to find the intimacy for self-exposure and exchange contributing to a personal balance. The call can offer a chance to explore radical care practices and prototype a digital tools that enables a “Clinique” for personal healing oriented to structural and social changes providing Hope in the darkness. Care, commoning &empathy drive our path to political change

Hoe kan jouw werk met deze uitdagingen een impact hebben op de fairness en duurzaamheid van de kunsten van Vlaanderen en Brussel?

Despite the nourishing system established in Flanders in the past 20 years that pushed international artists to move there (creating a diverse and not always represented community), despite the clear manifesto of labor rights, the sector is currently facing a dramatic increase of burn out cases, higher level of exhaustion of art workers as much as the rising of movements and collective actions that advocate for a political change that call for a different involvement of and with the Institutions. The pilot idea, through the digital space for care and the platform for collaborative knowledge, brings back at the centre the practice of care and can offer a space for people to recenter and heal therefore tackle specifically the issue of wellbeing Caring intimacy can also offer the opportunity to develop deeper connections supporting collaboration rather than competition. The platform, that can be developed as a safe social space, will welcome diverse narratives the complexity of the current artistic community in Flanders