Oproep 4


Stel jezelf kort voor.

Right now I'm super focused on thinking about and understanding better all passport and visas issues. How countries behave according to political interest and how governments and instituitions prevent some cultures to freely participate on the world. The reflections and consequences of the past and the actions of today affect directly how people perceive each other. Passports that are not allowed.

Wat is meerstemmigheid voor jou en welk(e) aspect(en) ervan houden je vooral bezig?

Diversity for me is not only having people with different sking collors, religions and cultural backgrounds, but also the what kind of knowlodge and information we can share with each other. Different interests and the hability to listen and exchange. Diversity lives in the deatils as well. How slightly different we cook the same recipe. It should be about acceptance, curiosity, mixing, blending, but also maintaining traditions respecting everyone's history. In a globalized world it's impossible to keep everyone apart, specially with the amount of wars and conflicts that forces people to go other places, mainly countries with some estructure.

Wat is het idee, voorstel of initiatief dat je wenst voor te stellen?

I would like to create a ironic and acid event. A party well promoted with open bar, food, live music, fun, in a cool bar or venue, with performances, luxury, happy and nice staff, gifts for people invited and more. But the trick about this event is to understand who can go in, who can go in only after a form or interview and who is banned in any case. My idea is to put people who has easy acess to the world - EU passport holders and white skin people - in a similar situation as the rest of us - by us I mean immigrants, refugees and third world in general. We see some people having fun, with acess to everything, but we are never really invited to the party. Most of the times is a fake invitation. Even with all the papers we still live a lower quality life and have lower quality jobs, even if we are super educated and with great working experiences. Two doors at the event just like at the airports: EU and non-EU passports. Forms to be filled and burocratic processes that will be unfair, just like the world is.