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Face Lab

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Following a career in electronic music with more than 350 records released, Hakan Lidbo explores new ideas within interactive art, music, robotics, games, urban planning, and design fiction. He is also the founder of Rumtiden Idea Lab in Stockholm Sweden. http://rumtiden.com

Wat is meerstemmigheid voor jou en welk(e) aspect(en) ervan houden je vooral bezig?

I have worked with disabilities in many projects. Projects that explore the "super powers" that sometimes compensate the absence of abilities or challenges. Blinds super-hearing, Autism and expanded complex thinking, ADHD and enhanced imagination and energy. I also imagine a future when including all disabilities, diagnoses, race or gender isn't called diversity. In the future, when every one can explore it's own potential an uniqueness, no one will even reflect over our differences. Face Lab explores the part of our bodies we use to communicate who we are, navigate in the human social web and define us as normal or not. I aim to ask questions about different possible futures and what a face can be except what it already is. Here is a film: https://youtu.be/L2d7Io-VOsM

Wat is het idee, voorstel of initiatief dat je wenst voor te stellen?

A series of projects exploring the outer limits of how we use our face as an interpreter of our environment—or for the surroundings to find out what is going on in our minds. A face analysing a person’s emotions, pixelating your real face in real life, bringing your digital avatar into the physical world, becoming a musical instrument, a hat that helps you keep 1,5 meter distance to others—or faces that block human senses and replace them with non-human super senses.