Oproep 1: Zorgzaam werken in de kunsten


Korte omschrijving

This project wants to develop tools and strategies to support ar/ctivists in their work, and help them to develop more sustainable approaches. In collaboration with the experimental art-spirit cel The Monastery, we want to bring together artivists, provide a toolkit to charge their batteries, and to exchange problematics.

Wat ben je van plan?

This work group proposal wants to develop strategies to support, research and share artivist strategies. In our shared experience a lot of artists get stuck in a cycle of frustration when they dive into activist work. The gap between the ‘ideal’ and the ‘real’ are often overwhelming and a lot of frustration comes with the dichotomy of only preaching to the converted, or disappearing in a gordian knot of institutions, regulations and community cultures. In the first place this work group wants to develop strategies to research other ‘weapons’ for artivists, to nourish themselves and their practice, and avoid frustration, and early burn-out. In this phase The Monastery (Elke Van Campenhout), a spiritual-artistic think tank, wants to work together with activists to see if the methodologies developed in the Monastery context can support the artivist work, as a practice to rechargem contemplate and share the difficulties and developing ‘First Aid Practices’ to take into the field In the second place this work group wants to research different strategies of ‘acting out in the world’, looking at historical and international examples to open up our perspective on what it can mean to be and act in the world. Isabel Burr Raty brings with her her extensive library of videos and texts relating to the subject. We will look into the 2019 Chile revolution, the Zapatistas movement, the Estonian ‘singing revolution’, the Napa Rui movement of Easter Island, and also relate to different art practices of resistance. In the third place we want to work on integrating methodologies and strategies into the field, using artistic, performative and other forms of resistance. Einat Tuchman’s project ‘The Extended Market’ can be used here as a case study.

Hoe sluit je project aan op het thema en hoe kunnen we met jouw idee impact creëren in de sector?

The arts sector has a problem with supporting in a sustainable way projects that want to directly impact society, since these projects often do not fit into the production logics and economics of the artistic sector. We want to look into other ways of supporting these vulnerable and often long term initiatives and save artivists from burnout and frustration. Initiators: elke van campenhout (the monastery), einat tuchman (artivist), isabel burr raty (artivist)

Hoe kan iemand die jou of je project wil steunen je contacteren?

mail: elkevancampenhout@gmail.com, phone: 0477/80 73 82.

Ben je ergens naar op zoek, naast financiering?

the monastery survives on the basis of donations, (paid) workshops and residencies.