Oproep 1: Zorgzaam werken in de kunsten

Mutual Care: Support Structures Towards Expanding Communities.

Korte omschrijving

Reflect on what an artist cooperative could be and how to build up support structures, there is a practical tool we would like to develop further: a Skill Share System, an inventory of the skills in a community is made and a platform of exchange is created where members can give skills they have and ask for skills when needed.

Hoe sluit je project aan op het thema en hoe kunnen we met jouw idee impact creƫren in de sector?

With a skill share system a community would be able to support each other artistically and possibly economically. The platform could also be opened up to make it possible to exchange or provide skills to other communities in order to bring about collaborations of mutual support beyond the arts. We think this would be an open, inclusive, care-full and solidary way to work within the arts and with other communities!

Hoe kan iemand die jou of je project wil steunen je contacteren?