Oproep 2: Duurzaam internationaal werken

Performing arts international collaboration limitations due to travel restrictions and non developed sytems for international collaborations online.

Welk aspect van internationaal werken houdt je bezig?

The working mechanisms to ensure a good experience, the language limitations and opportunities for artist to connect without feeling far away


My proposal is based on performing arts limitations during the covid crisis. Is true that many performers had to reinvent themselves and the way they were used to do things, online trainings were now considered and online creation was also possible but we often hear "is not the same". Creating mechanisms and a working methods based on ensuring the dinamic and spontaneos enviroment that you can get in a face-to-face meeting is so important to keep performers and creators encourauged and engaged. For me, one of the most important things is to reinforce this dinamic and to develop a system based on creating art taking advantage of the limitations. My proposal for this project is an international creation lab that connect artists from latin america with artist from Belgium and all over the world in a online guided experience of creation (language assistance if needed) that can turn into an audiovisual artwork or even a play, the last step for this project is to create a platform for international collabs where there is info for funding.

Hoe kan dit impact hebben op de internationale praktijk die zich ontplooit binnen of met Vlaanderen en Brussel en daarbuiten?

I think that the majority of latin american artists have trouble trying to go an european country not only due to travel restrictions because of Covid, but because of migration limitations that is an old issue. Travel artist visas are complicated to get for some countries and tourist visas are just for the ones that can show economic stability, which is complicated thing for some to prove. I think that my proposal will open up the opportunity for collaborations with artists from Flanders with artists from Ecuador and Latin America and will unite the artist community globally, with the opportunity of creating transnational cultural artwork. The international creation lab will be a initiave for encouraging artist to keep creating even in times of uncertainty.

Heb je tijd om je vanaf mei 2021 voor een periode van 6 maanden tot max. 1 jaar regelmatig (bvb. maandelijks) te engageren voor online meetings?



I'm available during the daytime in Ecuador (GMT -5) and I preffer meeting during the weekdays but I am available on the weekends too.

Heb je toegang tot een stabiele internetverbinding?


In welke tijdzone bevind je je?


Welke talen spreek en begrijp je?

French, English, Spanish, Other


Tatiana Palma- tpalmavillegas@gmail.com