Oproep 2: Duurzaam internationaal werken

Create a network of international touring which allows each project that travels to be presented in more them 1 venue

Welk aspect van internationaal werken houdt je bezig?

The amount of energy, money, time that 1 presentation abroad consumes. How can we make touring more efective and affordable without compromising art?


To create an international tour network of programmers enabling the presentation of live performances in more than 1 venue in that country or region (in case of larger countries). It can be implemented with the help of the Government Arts Council who centralizes the touring proposals during a certain time period, through an open call, and after connects each theatre to develop an effort of programing that performance at least in two different venues.

Hoe kan dit impact hebben op de internationale praktijk die zich ontplooit binnen of met Vlaanderen en Brussel en daarbuiten?

It will help to open the practice to more proposals and to maximize the effort invested in presenting that performance in that country. For the artist or company is also a benefit, insuring they will have more work and centralizing the contacts in just one place, instead of contacting each programmer individually. For programmers who wishes to get to know new proposals, it can also be a way of having contact with a sort of catalogue, reducing the need to travel in order to assist live performances.

Heb je tijd om je vanaf mei 2021 voor een periode van 6 maanden tot max. 1 jaar regelmatig (bvb. maandelijks) te engageren voor online meetings?



During the day

Heb je toegang tot een stabiele internetverbinding?


In welke tijdzone bevind je je?

GMT-Greenwich Mean Time-UTC +0

Welke talen spreek en begrijp je?

English, Portuguese