Oproep 2: Duurzaam internationaal werken

SELECTED - How to bring slowing down and deepening into practice?

Welk aspect van internationaal werken houdt je bezig?

We want to explore how we, as an international distribution agency, can shift our values from quantity to quality: responsible and ecological touring.


ART HAPPENS is an international management agency for dance, theatre, performances and cross-over projects, working on diffusion, collaborations in development and financing through co-production. Working internationally isn’t only an economical need for many artists, it also gives oxygen to a creation, it creates cultural encounters and heightens the quality and social commitment of the work. In the heydays of international touring, a performance was considered successful if it had as many dates as possible. Traveling abroad, however, is being questioned, both by artist themselves as well as programmers. Is it still ecologically responsible to take a plane for just one performance? And is it morally responsible that an artist can simply move all over the world, when the boundaries are being increased for so many other? And what about the balance between work and private live for an artist? Because of the corona-crisis, the system went crumbling down very fast. The focus of ART HAPPENS will therefore lie mainly on going slower and going deeper. But less touring, also means less income. Our business model, which is based on touring all over the world and taking commission on sold performances, needs to be reviewed.

Hoe kan dit impact hebben op de internationale praktijk die zich ontplooit binnen of met Vlaanderen en Brussel en daarbuiten?

In order to reach this slowing down and going deeper, we think the relationships between artist and organizers need to deepen and get stronger. That’s why we want to invest into more sustainable relations and create switch from project to trajectory. Instead of investing in just one performance, we want to persuade organizers to invest into an artist. Then a performance series can go together with workshops, readings, residencies, collaborations with local artists, etc. … This would mean that the artists can work longer at one place and doesn’t need to travel all the time. The time to tour will be much less, but that is the eventual goal. By deepening the relation between an artist and an organizer by slowing down, they will also form a deeper connection with the local. COVID has been an eyeopener for realizing how important these deep relations are. The realization that long lasting relationships and connections with the right partners are essential to the survival of an artist in times of crisis, has never been this big.

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