Oproep 3: Digitaal werken in de kunsten

Tangible Territory journal/ Sensing Place retreat

Naar welke uitdagingen voor digitaal werken in de kunsten gaat je interesse uit?

I want to question and explore the role of the body, our senses in giving meaning to aesthetic as well as everyday experience. The current shift towards virtualisation of human experience accelerated by the pandemic has led to a sense of disembodiment, being simultaneously here and elsewhere, present and absent in our bodies and our surroundings. Yet digital also means accessibility.

Waarom wil je graag deelnemen aan deze oproep?

I want to create a sustainable online platform for a dialogue about these questions. In particular I want to explore how artistic practice can help to examine and also rebalance this growing trend towards digitisation. I invite not only artists, but also scientists, philosophers and anthropologists to take part. The aim of this endeavour is to build an open community, where certain key values are celebrated, explored, promoted. These include the importance of the whole body in making sense of our human condition, the role of imagination in offering scenarios beyond those that exist and the effects of place/space on our internal realities, and the key role of arts in creatively challenging existing trends. ‘Tangible Territory’ is not a real physical location, but a place that lies in the liminal land between the real world and its representation on the screen, between our own unique experiences, informed by our senses and the interior world of our memory & imagination. A transformative, living space, where we can meet, interact, grow

Hoe kan jouw werk met deze uitdagingen een impact hebben op de fairness en duurzaamheid van de kunsten van Vlaanderen en Brussel?

This is an international project for benefit of artists from many regions and countries. I initiated it few months ago, alone and without any funding. I used my own existing network of contacts, including high profile thinkers & artists. I decided to also open a call for submissions to make this a truly shared space. I am planning a Sensing Place retreat for anyone (artists in particular) interested in exploring the above-mentioned themes, in a physical location & collaboratively. The outcome of these will again be shared digitally. The benefit to Flanders & Brussels could be manyfold. There could be subsidised spaces for artists from those regions in the retreat. An issue of TT journal could have a specific focus on those locations. The aim is to offer an alternative, cross-disciplinary “space” (both digital & physical) where existing trends can be challenged, dialogue, collaboration & questioning can happen between disciplines, ideas can be shared & explored creatively. Existing site: https://tangibleterritory.art/


Tereza Stehlikova tereza.violet@gmail.com