Oproep 3: Digitaal werken in de kunsten

FINALIST: Horizontal Webs: a co-op for the liberation of the internet and the championing of digital creation

Naar welke uitdagingen voor digitaal werken in de kunsten gaat je interesse uit?

We challenge the current digital landscape by nurturing a sustainable & playful-driven existence with technology. Returning to the ambitions of the 90's internet, we will foster a community of practice, a new age of collaboration in art that takes on 'open-source' ideas to reclaim agency from big-tech corporations: connecting artists with indie-developers+thinkers in a decentralised digital co-op

Waarom wil je graag deelnemen aan deze oproep?

We are concerned about how the big-tech companies from social-media (facebook, twitter, tiktok) to specialized software (alphabet, adobe, dropbox) effectively are the owners & patrons of a near-totality of the work being produced by artists at the moment, as they've also been core-disseminators of a significant amount of work made over the last decade. The big corporations operate as agents of capitalism within the structure of the online space, and control how we as users experience digital worlds & their politics. Just like we consider the institutions & venues we work with in the physical world, we want to take an active stance in protecting the ideas & work we generate online when considering the platforms/spaces we chose to share them in - and urge other practitioners to do the same. A community of practice as an open space where practitioners can: interact & learn together; develop a shared open-ended repertoire of resources (experiences, tools, ways of addressing recurring problems); host talks & workshops; share provocations.

Hoe kan jouw werk met deze uitdagingen een impact hebben op de fairness en duurzaamheid van de kunsten van Vlaanderen en Brussel?

Flanders is a region of historically changing borders, a cross of cultures, languages and traditions, and a region where the surgence of the digital happened from the early start: artists and enthusiast of the digital came together to begin working together, rallying and championing each others practices when facing little to no support. Even now, when more support starts to appear or grow, it is often under other titles like 'Experimental' subcategories of Visual Art; digital artists seeing their practice framed as Performing Art or Music, as if their labour is not worth naming. Digital Works, in Flanders as well as internationally, lack the infrastructure and support when compared to other more established, more easily collected/archived art forms. Due to its fast-pace development, and its conservation needs, Digital Work continues to be collected less, receiving less funding, having less opportunity to grow. We want to change that! We want to claim and support what we do, together and from the ground up.


moa johansson (with an*dre neely) - mo.johansson@hotmail.com