Oproep 3: Digitaal werken in de kunsten

Webs of learning: Exploring circulation of artworks through familiar digital formats

Naar welke uitdagingen voor digitaal werken in de kunsten gaat je interesse uit?

Artworks presented in digitally are in a battle between presenting themselves as if being seen in reality rather than the virtual space they inhabit. What would happen if a work artwork circulated itself digitally in ways that were not reminiscent of traditional mediums, rather entirely new ones and for all to access? How could this affect the way that digital art is not only shared, but created?

Waarom wil je graag deelnemen aan deze oproep?

Circulation plays an important role in the value of digital art and its creative possibilities. With the rise of digital currencies and NFTs posing a value on art that often replicate traditional mediums, what if familiar applications online were used to create and spread artworks? The work of artist Cildo Meireles comes to mind in the use of circulation as a choice in the display of an artwork. In Meireles’s Coca Cola project, the artwork exists when being in a state of circulation, without its presence in that process it remains as documentation. This is similar to the way digital paintings are presented in an online setting. They are reminiscent of the longstanding tradition of painting, yet distant and artificial. Does digital art have to be a copy of traditional practices? I propose the implementation of a collective conversation and series of workshops to further develop this conversation of art in the digital realm, not as a replicant of longstanding tradition, but one with a focus on creative freedom and access for all.

Hoe kan jouw werk met deze uitdagingen een impact hebben op de fairness en duurzaamheid van de kunsten van Vlaanderen en Brussel?

In times of crisis and one that has particularly left us at a distance from one another, I believe that it is essential for us to ret-think our own positions and learn from one another by having access to online platforms that promote creativity. In building on the already present history of art making in Flanders and Brussels, I believe this potential project could aid in the exploration of circulating works of art online for all to be a part of and partake in creatively. I find that the potential created in communicating in a new language, a digital one, could lead to the creation of unknowable works of art in artists of all ages and creatives alike. This project would be beneficial to the area by bringing in international voices and perspectives to voice opinions, histories, and thoughts in how this creative process could unfold. I believe through the power of collaboration this is absolutely achievable and essential, especially in our world today which focuses on the individual, rather than the collective spirit.


Joe Cimino joe@joeciminoart.com