Oproep 3: Digitaal werken in de kunsten

The Performance Gang - An Exercise of gathering and conversations on solidarity and participation

Naar welke uitdagingen voor digitaal werken in de kunsten gaat je interesse uit?

How can we connect into a conversation of solidarity and participation and be together with our demons? Starting with ourselves and our immediate communities, aiming to reach out beyond through the means of digital exchange. As an artist from West Asia living and working in Western Europe, I want to explore gathering and conversation formats in the context of dynamic transformations.

Waarom wil je graag deelnemen aan deze oproep?

There is a high need of self expression, beyond frames imposed by culture, politics, social status, education or prejudice. For this project we join forces to give a voice to those who are in between worlds struggling to create their own. Meeting point for open debate on taboo subjects, the social media platforms seem to have had a great impact on making one's voice be heard for societies at risk. " the Arab spring as example" remains a debated subject. Criticism addresses the gathering of masses into its giant data-hoovering machine before morphing into a threat to democracy. How can we (digitally) meet and create our own climate of communication? Together with a core group of “Arab” artists, we propose a series of gatherings facilitated in the online space. Using art — as means of encounter, we aim to come together in a creative set-up and to imagine possible futures for the social empowerment of a diverse society.to experiment with artistic practices, to envision new ways of living, to acknowledge discomfort and embrace disruption.

Hoe kan jouw werk met deze uitdagingen een impact hebben op de fairness en duurzaamheid van de kunsten van Vlaanderen en Brussel?

Where do those migrants belong that feel at home in both worlds or belong to neither of them? What can we actually know about each other and ourselves? In the present time of different global crises and the science exploration of the universe, as human beings we become more aware of our differences embedded in the peels but not in the essence of surviving. In a crisis such as the current pandemic, climate crisis, this fact shows that there is no other way to cope with those issues without the means of solidarity and local-global participation. Now some are still stuck in a status quo while others even return to a policy of strict demarcations, while society is only becoming more diverse. Particularly we want to address the situation of the European-North African-West Asian groups, but our message is made to reach beyond. The project aims to engage its participant and the audience to see reality differently, inciting the desire to actually change it. It aims to speak about “real people” and their “real stories”


Al-Ghanmi Ahmed. enkidukhaled@gmail.com Artstic name Enkidu Khaled ©photo Luc Schaltin